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TalkinCloud is here to provide seamless voice communications and VoIP platform. We’re the number one company to offer large and small infrastructure and Cloud Solutions for your business. TalkinCloud provides a voice/video solution for voice and helps meet business needs and qualities economically.

Call Center Solutions
for Everyone

Everything you need to ensure unified communications to keep your contact centre up and running. Your team will thank you for such high-end infrastructure and convenience in using the system.

Auto Dialer

The advanced system with web-based communications helps boost your sales. The predictive Dialer automatically dials the ideal lead-agent match, ensuring a seamless calling facility.

Cloud PBX

Manage and monitor communication performance with the advanced Cloud-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange). No more you need to worry about poor quality service.

VoIP Provider

Voice communication, including hosted voice systems and private voice systems, is in your hand. Interact with customers with superior global reach and cost-effective VoIP termination only from TalkinCloud.

DID Numbers

Planning to expand your local presence, we’re the right partner for you. Moreover, we have a strong local presence and help you with sales on local virtual numbers.

SIP Trunk

We at TalkinCloud have been providing superior quality SIP Trunk services to businesses globally at a budget-friendly price. Collaborating with us will help you connect as many channels to your PBX and make local, national, or international calls via the VoIP module without any interruption.

On Premises PBX (Call Control)

We at TalkinCloud, provide high-end On Premises PBX (Call Control) and let you engage with your customers more efficiently. The Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephony system helps you to connect with others using different hardware components via a telephone network. You will be able to customize both inbound and outbound calling features.

Inbound Dialer

TalkinCloud is a reputed service provider of inbound dialer systems. We offer you professional inbound and blended dialer service and top-class customer support to ensure that you never fall short in communicating effectively with your customers. Collaborate with us for best-in-class dialer services at affordable pricing.

Predictive Dialers

Get predictive dialer solutions to effectively track and monitor agent availability and the average call answer time and also modify the dialer rate based on the data and optimize operations at the contact center. Collaborate with TalkinCloud to get the best of predictive dialer at the best industry rate.

Tailor-Made Solution

TalkinCloud is best known for offering tailor-made solutions to all kinds of business communication needs. Contact us to use our professional services and get VoIP to mobile and other communication solutions at the best industry pricing.

Let’s Boost Up Your Agents with Talkincloud Dialer Solution


TalkinCloud offers state-of-the-art technology to meet the business calling requirements effectively. We strive to help you with the highest level of team management and optimize productivity. Collaborate with us to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Optimized Call Management.

  • Forget long contracts or monthly minimums.

  • Enhanced Productivity.



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Associating with TalkinCloud will help you monitor the efficiency by tracking agent availability, call progress, average call answering time and accordingly make the process efficient. Here is what you will get by associating with TalkinCloud.

  • Higher Degree Of Work Efficiency.

  • Detailed Information Of The Daily Operations.

  • Consolidate SIP trunk providers to save 45% on your comms costs.

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Partner with TalkinCloud to better manage your agents in the contact center and optimize your entire day’s operations. You will get detailed information and stats of all the inbound and outbound calls through the predictive dialer. Here is what you will gain by connecting with TalkinCloud.

  • Generate A Detailed Report On Daily Operations.

  • Optimize Your Call Center Operations Based On The Data.

  • Increase Sales Conversions And Generate Revenues.

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What is SIP?

SIP is Session Initiation Protocol and is the process to achieve a voice over IP (VoIP) call. SIP is the IP-based technology to create, modify, and terminate sessions between one or more callers in an IP network. It can be a two-way or a multi-party conference call.

PBX refers to Private Branch Exchange, which is a technical term used for a “business phone system”; it's a hardware system handling call routing and switching calls between a business location and the telephone network. PBX offers many additional customized features than normally we have. Features like call management features, multiple inbound and outbound lines, voicemail, call routing, etc. are focused on easy customer interactions, which will improve the efficiency of your call center.
Call control is a function in PBX that routes phone calls to their destination. Call control holds the connection between two endpoints of a call and is also known as call processing.
VoIP billing platforms are convenient to maintain a process for generating business bills and invoices for customers. VoIP Billing platforms include payment software that makes a system to automate the process of payment collection, sending out recurring invoices, tracking business expenses, and invoice tracking. It helps you to maintain advanced work management in your company.